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Slack communities love using Airspeed’s Slack apps to facilitate introductions and connections.
Get started with Intros by Airspeed.
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It’s time to make introductions simple for your community.

Tired of manual introductions? Intros by Airspeed will automatically prompt your community’s new members to fill out an introduction template.
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Easily coordinate meetups, no matter where you are.

Whether you’re home or traveling, you can find nearby members of your community on the Team Map and coordinate meetups with Maps by Airspeed.
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Intentional networking has never been easier.

Excited about networking with community members, but not sure where to start? Automate virtual coffee chats for the community with Coffee Talk by Airspeed.
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Get to know members of your community, no matter where they are.

Easily get to know members of your community better with Icebreakers by Airspeed. Set a recurring weekly Icebreaker that anyone can answer asynchronously.
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Airspeed is free for Slack communities

Easily add Airspeed apps to your Slack workspace. After you add an app, apply for the community discount here.
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How does Airspeed differentiate from other culture or team-building Slack apps?

Airspeed approaches workplace culture and connection holistically with our suite of Slack apps. Each Airspeed app is built with a top engagement challenge in mind. Rather than piecing together Slack apps from several different companies (which can get pricey), you get the entire Airspeed suite for the price of a single Slack app.

Which Airspeed apps are the most popular with Slack communities?

Intros, Maps, Coffee Talk, and Icebreakers are the most popular Airspeed apps for Slack communities.

  • Intros by Airspeed – communities use this app to automate the process of introducing new community members in a Slack channel.
  • Maps by Airspeed – communities use this app to create a community map. They can see where everyone’s located around the world and easily coordinate in-person meet-ups.
  • Coffee Talk by Airspeed – communities use this app to encourage intentional networking. Your members can join a Slack channel and will be connected for virtual coffee chats.
  • Icebreakers by Airspeed – communities use this app for asynchronous team-building and connection. The app shares a random weekly question, and everyone can answer and react to responses.

Do you offer a discount for Slack communities?

Yes, Slack communities can access Airspeed Economy for free. We also offer Slack communities a 50% discount for Business Class or First Class plans.

To apply, fill out this form after you download any of our apps.