Easily send kudos and recognize teammates with Shoutouts.

Now it’s easier than ever to send (and receive) kudos, all within Slack.
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How it works

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Celebrate your coworkers

Have an awesome coworker? It’s quick and simple to give them kudos to say thanks or recognize them for going above and beyond at work.

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Recognize your direct reports

52% of employees want more recognition from their immediate manager. Make it a quick and easy habit to give your team Shoutouts.

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Nominate colleagues to leadership

24% of employees say their most memorable recognition came from the CEO. Make it easy for leadership to recognize individuals with nominations.

Our Shoutout template makes it easy to give great recognition and feedback

It takes less than a minute to fill out the template and recognize your teammate’s hard work.
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Save time by generating a Shoutout with AI

Use our AI generator to quickly create an awesome Shoutout message.

Encourage the team to demonstrate your company values

Tag your company’s values in a Shoutout, such as #Passion, #Learning, or #Results.
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It’s quick and easy to show your appreciation

To give a Shoutout, add a trophy emoji 🏆 in any message and @mention the coworker you want to recognize, or type /shoutout in any channel.

Make it easy for your senior leaders to give Shoutouts

If a teammate goes above and beyond, nominate them to receive a Shoutout from your leadership team so they’re recognized company-wide.
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We’ll remind you so you can always hit your recognition goals

Recognition is vital, but how can you remember to deliver it regularly? Set your monthly Shoutouts goal and we’ll give you a nudge.

Easily make recognition a weekly habit for your team

The hardest thing about recognition is simply remembering to give it! We’ll help you create a weekly habit for your team with Feel-good Friday reminders, designed to encourage feedback.
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Motivate your team with meaningful awards from recognition highlights

Having a regular award schedule (such as quarterly or monthly) can help boost motivation and drive performance. Easily generate Awards based on Shoutouts using our AI-powered tool.

Boost team morale and engagement with leaderboards

Celebrate your culture champions. View your top givers and receivers for Shoutouts and easily filter by channel and time frame.
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Easily find Shoutouts given and received

View and filter Shoutout history for annual employee reviews or recognition moments, such as an all-hands meeting.
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Get started in less than 5 minutes

Start your free trial today. Simply install and add Shoutouts to a Slack channel.
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