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introductions simple.

Easily welcome new hires and connect colleagues across departments or companies in Slack with Intros by Airspeed.
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Screenshot of Intros Slack app with Mike Steven's introduction by Airspeed

How it works

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Introduce new teammates

Create an Intros template for all new hires to answer when they join. It’s the perfect way to introduce a new teammate.

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Connect across departments

Introduce yourself and learn more about contractors or teammates across departments to improve collaboration on projects.

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Find your work friends

Add Intros to any fun interest channels in Slack, such as #pets or #food, to get the conversation started and connect.

Screenshots of New hire introduction template from Intros by Airspeed

It’s simple to ask your team questions and learn more about them

Use our most popular introduction questions or customize them with your own questions.
Screenshot that says "What's one item on your bucket list?" as an Introduction question
Screenshot from Intros by Airspeed Slack app with the following text "What are your top interests?" and reactions

Easily discover what you have in common

Learn more about your teammates from their Intro answers so you can start a conversation and connect.
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Instantly learn more about new teammates

We’ve got you. We’ll automatically prompt new members in the channel to answer the Intro so you can save time – no need to import a list.
Slack message for Intros by Airspeed asking a new teammate to introduce themselves
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Get started in less than 5 minutes

Start your free trial today. Simply install and add Intros to a Slack channel.
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Easily get to know people in special interest channels

Not just for new hires. Get the conversation started in any channel, such as #travel or #pets, and learn more about your teammates.
Screenshot of an option to select Intros template. Selecting the Pets template for slack by Airspeed
Screenshot from Intros by Airspeed with response from Hailey Booker using the Pets template

Disclaimer: with Large Language Models (LLMs), there is always a chance that inaccurate responses may be generated.