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Automate icebreakers for your team meetings.

Take 5 minutes to get to know teammates a little better each week and make meetings more fun.
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How it works

Easily create automated,
recurring Icebreakers

Tie them to an existing meeting or event, like a weekly team meeting, company town hall, or sales kickoff.

Shuffle through our most popular Icebreakers or create your own question

It’s easy to set up, whether you want a little inspiration or already have an Icebreaker in mind.
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Skip the manual outreach and get their responses delivered on time

Teammates get your question in advance and can respond with text or photos. Reminders are automatically delivered to those who haven’t responded.

Kick off your meeting by reviewing the team’s responses together

Answers are revealed at the same time to reduce your notifications. Enjoy a much faster, richer experience than just going around the room.
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Easily automate Icebreakers and start bringing your team closer together

Select a cadence for recurring Icebreakers — such as daily, weekly, or monthly — and we’ll take care of the reminders.
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Get started in less than 5 minutes

Get free early access today. Simply install and add Icebreakers to a Slack channel.
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