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Never forget a birthday or work anniversary again.

Easily track special dates, deliver virtual cards, and celebrate together with your team.
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How it works

Quickly collect special dates through Slack

No need to import a list of dates (unless you want to). We’ll ask users to add their dates and we keep track of everything.

Don’t waste your time tracking down everyone to sign a card

We’ll remind your team to sign the card in advance with automatic reminders for special dates.Β Never forget to celebrate a teammate again.
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The quickest way to celebrate your team authentically

It takes less than 1 minute to sign a card with our suggested templates and GIFs.

The best interactive virtual card, all within Slack

Say goodbye to boring static cards. We deliver an animated card featuring GIFs and best wishes. Easily interact with the card in Slack using comments and reactions.
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Easily share celebrations from your special day

We’ll follow up and ask if they would like to share photos of their celebration.

Get started in less than 5 minutes

Get free early access today. Simply install, add it to a Slack channel, and create your template.
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