Never forget a birthday or work anniversary again.

Easily track special dates, deliver virtual cards, and celebrate together with your team.
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A screenshot showing the Celebrations by Airspeed Slack app.

How it works


Easily celebrate your team’s birthdays. We’ll keep track of the dates and remind everyone to sign a virtual card that will be delivered on their birthday.

Work Anniversaries

Celebrating work anniversaries can help your team feel appreciated and valued. We’ll create a card for everyone to sign and deliver it on their anniversary.

Special Occasions

Whether there’s a wedding, graduation, or any sort of special celebration, we’re here to help with a virtual card. Celebrate your team’s special milestones.

We make it easy to celebrate

It takes less than 1 minute to sign a virtual card in Slack with our suggested templates and GIFs.

Save time by generating a card message with AI

Say goodbye to boring cards. Quickly generate a personalized celebration message with our AI feature. Just let us know what to mention and the tone of voice.
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A screenshot of Celebrations by Airspeed Slack app. The app for Slack allows you to easily send customized virtual birthday cards that mention unique things about your coworkers.

Want to see what they did on their special day?

We’ll follow up with them to share photos of their celebration the next day.
Examples of birthday and work anniversary messages in Celebrations by Airspeed.

Quickly collect special dates through Slack

No need to import a list of dates (unless you want to). We’ll ask users to add their dates and we keep track of everything.
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Don’t waste your time tracking down everyone to sign a card

Never forget to celebrate a teammate again with automatic reminders for special dates. We’ll always remind your team in advance.
A screenshot featuring the Celebrations by Airspeed app for Slack. The Slack app allows you to view upcoming celebrations, easily sign cards, and even provides reminders if you want to sign at a later time.
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Get started in less than 5 minutes

Start your free trial today. Simply install, add it to a Slack channel, and begin celebrating.
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