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Questions about Airspeed’s Pricing and Billing? We’ve got advice and answers.
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Airspeed Pricing FAQs

How does Airspeed differentiate from other culture or team-building Slack apps?

Airspeed approaches workplace culture and connection holistically with our suite of Slack apps. Each Airspeed app is built with a top engagement challenge in mind. Rather than piecing together Slack apps from several different companies (which can get pricey), you get the entire Airspeed suite for the pricing of a single Slack app.

What is a unique Airspeed user? How do I calculate the number of people that will be on my Airspeed plan?

A unique Airspeed user is a user in a Slack channel where an Airspeed app is installed. With Slack being a collaborative tool, we want to make sure that we only bill for people who are using at least one Airspeed Slack app.

If a user belongs to 2 or more channels with an Airspeed app, we will not count the same person twice. To estimate your Airspeed plan, calculate the total number of unique users in all Slack channel(s) with an Airspeed app.

What happens after my 30 day free trial?

We don’t require a credit card for the free trial, so you will not be charged when your trial ends unless you select a plan. If you have 25 or less unique Airspeed users, you’ll be back on the free tier and no longer have access to advanced features.

If you’re over 25 unique Airspeed users, you will no longer be able to use the Airspeed Slack apps until you upgrade. You’ll receive a few messages during your trial prompting you to select a plan. If you need more time to try out our apps, reach out over email or book a time here.

Is there a free tier of Airspeed? Who can use the free tier?

The free tier of Airspeed is built for small teams 25 users and under that do not require customization, reporting, or integrations.

Who can answer my security-related questions or fill out a security questionnaire?

We take your security seriously. View our Security page, terms of service, and privacy policy for more information on security.

Reach out to us here for other security questions or questionnaire help. 

Is Airspeed’s billing cycle monthly or annual?

There are options for monthly or annual billing for Business or First Class plans. You can start or stop anytime, but the apps will remain active until the end of the billing period.

What is Airspeed's billing policy?

You can access our Fair Billing policy here.

I need to add new users to Airspeed. How will I be billed?

If new unique Airspeed users are added in a month on a paid plan, those users will not be charged until the following month.

Similarly, if users leave your workspace, you’ll receive a credit for the remaining months.

Can I upgrade Airspeed just for myself, instead of everyone on my team?

No, everyone in the Slack workspace is on the same plan.

What are my payment options for our Airspeed plan?

You can use a credit card, pay by invoice, or pay by ACH transfer. Paying by invoice requires a $5,000 minimum and an annual plan. 

Access our fair billing policy here.

Do you offer a discount for nonprofit or educational organizations?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount to qualified nonprofit and educational organizations. To apply, send us your documents at and we’ll send you a code to sign up with.

What is the Airspeed renewal process?

Paid subscriptions automatically renew for the same subscription period, unless you change your plan before the renewal date.

How can I cancel or change my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Airspeed Admin Console.  If you cancel, you will be able to use the service through the end of your billing cycle (monthly or annually), and will not be charged again after that. Our Customer Success team is available to support you with any questions. Book a call with them here or reach out over email.

We need Airspeed’s HRIS integration to keep our data synced between Airspeed and our HR system. What tier should we get?

The First Class tier is the right fit for your team. Our HR system integration can easily be done self-serve, but our team would be happy to help support your setup.

Volume-based and multi-year discounts are available – if interested, reach out over email or book a time here.

I have more questions. What should I do?

We’re here to help! You can search our Help Center, email us at, or use the chat window in the lower right corner.