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Questions about the Intros by Airspeed app for Slack? We’ve got advice and answers.
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Intros by Airspeed FAQs

What is Intros 👋 by Airspeed?

Intros 👋 by Airspeed is a Slack app where you can easily introduce new hires, coworkers, and colleagues. Teammates can get to know each other better and discover what they have in common. Increase camaraderie, collaboration, and happiness with Intros.

Download our Intros one-pager to learn more.

How do I install the Intros 👋 by Airspeed Slack App?

You can install the app from our product page or the Slack App store.

What channel is best to use for Intros?

We recommend adding an Intro template to the following:

  • The channel you use to welcome new hires, such as #welcome
  • Channels with contractors to encourage camaraderie and collaboration
  • Cross-departmental channels where users may not know each other well
  • Team channels to get to know each other better
  • Channels for offsites or events

Is the Slack app admin the only person who can create an Intro template?

We made it easy for anyone can create an Intro template for any channel.

However, to keep it simple we’ve limited it to 1 Intro template per channel.

Will new members in a channel be notified to answer an Intro template?

Yes, when someone joins a channel with an Intro template they will receive a Slack message prompt to fill out the Intro template.