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Questions about the Icebreakers by Airspeed app for Slack? We’ve got advice and answers.
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Icebreakers by Airspeed FAQs

What is Icebreakers 🧊 by Airspeed?

Icebreakers 🧊 by Airspeed is a Slack app where you can easily automate asynchronous icebreakers. Take 5 minutes to get to know teammates a little better each week and even make meetings more fun. The Icebreakers app helps build rapport and increase employee engagement.

Download our Icebreakers one-pager to learn more.

How do I install the Icebreakers 🧊 by Airspeed Slack App?

You can install the app from our product page or the Slack App store.

What channel is best to use for Icebreakers? Can I add it to multiple channels?

Icebreakers work best when they’re tied to an existing meeting or team. Add to the channel(s) with the members you’d like to ask, such as #marketing-team or #september-offsite. Everyone can review answers virtually or you can share their responses at the meeting or event. 

You can add Icebreakers to multiple Slack channels. You can also add multiple Icebreakers within a single Slack channel.

Are reminders sent to users who already answered the Icebreaker?

No, we only reminder users who haven’t answered the Icebreaker yet. 

Can I add photos or videos to my Icebreaker answer?

Yes! You can add GIFs, photos, or videos when answering an Icebreaker.