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Questions about Airspeed’s HRIS Integration? We’ve got advice and answers.
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Airspeed HR Integration FAQs

Why should I connect my HR software to Airspeed?

Connecting your HR software to Airspeed is a simple way to jumpstart engagement for new hires, while keeping data updated and synced for existing employees. 

We automatically populate home office locations on your Team Map in the Maps by Airspeed Slack app, as well as any birthdays and work anniversaries in the Celebrations by Airspeed Slack app.

Which HR integrations are offered by Airspeed?

We are offering 50+ HR software integrations. Check out our HR Integration page to view the software integrations we support. You can request a new software integration here.

How do I connect HR integrations with my Airspeed account?

If you’re an Airspeed App Admin, go to the Home tab of any Airspeed app (bottom left sidebar in Slack) and use the “Admin Console” button. Once you’re in the Airspeed Admin Console, navigate to the “Integrations” tab. You can search for your HR software provider here. 

Not an Admin? Your Airspeed App admins are listed in the Home tab of the app. 

Can I connect more than one HR software to my Airspeed account?

You can connect multiple HR software accounts. We understand some companies use more than one HR software to manage their business.

Check out our HR Integration page to view the software integrations we support, or you can request a new software integration here

Which HR software data fields are you using?

When you connect your HR system to Airspeed, we request permission to pull limited Company, Employee, Group, and Location fields only — such as date of birth, start date, name, and home location. No SSN or pay information is pulled.

Questions? Contact us here.

Could data in my HR software be changed or deleted from connecting it to Airspeed?

No, we only “READ” data from your HR software and do not “WRITE” to it. We understand the importance of your HR data.

What happens to our HR data if our company disconnects our HR software from Airspeed?

Disconnecting your HR software from Airspeed will stop the transfer of data from your HR system to Airspeed. If you’d like us to delete all of your HR system data in Airspeed, we’ll happily do so. Just contact us here

How long does the initial integration data sync take?

The initial data sync from your HR software to Airspeed can take anywhere from seconds to minutes. The time will depend on how many employees are in your HR system. We will send you a Slack message to notify you when it’s complete.

How often is the data syncing from my HR system to Airspeed?

Airspeed receives data updates from your HR system every 24 hours. If you need more frequent updates, just contact us here

What if there are users in my Slack workspace that are not in my HR system?

If a user is not in your HR system, they can manually add their data to various Airspeed Slack Apps (e.g. add their birthday and work start date in Celebrations, add their home office location in Maps, etc).

What if there are users in my HR system that are not in my Slack workspace?

We only tie the user record to our apps if the same email is present in their Slack workspace. We will have their data ready if they join the Slack workspace later on, such as the use-case of a new hire.

Does Airspeed support ‘on-premise’ HR software integrations?

Currently, we only support cloud-based HR software integrations. 

Where can I find information on Airspeed’s security protocols?

You can view Airspeed’s Security page here. We are SOC 2 and GDPR certified. For any security concerns, please contact us here