Celebrations 🎉 Help Center

Questions about the Celebrations by Airspeed app for Slack? We’ve got advice and answers.

Celebrations by Airspeed FAQs

What is Celebrations 🎉 by Airspeed?

Celebrations 🎉 by Airspeed is a Slack app where you can easily automate birthday and work anniversary celebrations. We collect the special dates through Slack, and prompt users to sign a virtual card that is delivered on the day of the celebration. Never forget a celebration again!

How do I install the Celebrations 🎉 by Airspeed Slack App?

You can install the app from our product page or the Slack App store.

What channel is best to use for Celebrations? Can I add it to multiple channels?

We recommend adding Celebrations to the channel(s) where you celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. Don’t have a channel yet? Make a #celebrations channel.

You can add Celebrations to multiple channels if you prefer to celebrate with individual teams. Click on the app in Slack. Navigate to the Home tab of the Slack App and go to the “Select channels” section. Click the “# selected” button to add more channels.

Can I upload birthdays and work anniversaries for my workspace?

Sure! Go to the Home tab of the Slack App and click the “🎂 Import Birthdays” or “📆 Import Work Anniversaries” button. We’ll send you a message in the “Messages” tab with a CSV template and simple instructions to upload those celebration dates.

How do I view upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries?

We display all upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries in the Home tab of the Slack app. You can view special dates and sign your coworkers’ cards in advance. We deliver celebrations cards on the day of the milestone.

Will the person celebrating receive too many messages?

No need to worry about tons of messages! We centralized celebration wishes to a single notification. When you sign a colleague’s card, we deliver it on the day of the celebration in a thread along with everyone’s celebratory wishes.

How do I add Celebrations 🎉 by Airspeed to a private Slack channel?

Once Celebrations 🎉 by Airspeed is installed in your workspace, simply @ mention Celebrations in a message in the private channel.