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Airspeed FAQs

What is Airspeed?

Airspeed is your digital headquarters for company culture. Our suite of apps is focused on helping employees feel more connected and celebrated. Whether you’re remote, hybrid, or in-person, we know the value of feeling authentically connected with your teammates.Β 

Why Airspeed?

Instead of trying to piece together different solutions for your team, we’ve created a suite of cohesive, powerful apps that are built to solve the biggest culture challenges. Our app experiences are rooted in authenticity and backed by customer research, while offering flexible, customizable options to align with your company’s needs.Β 

How are you different from other culture-related apps and software?

We love that there are other people trying to solve this huge problem! However, other products offer limited features and solutions that only solve 1 or 2 problems. Our focus is on solving all of these challenges in a single, complete experience.

What are the benefits of using Airspeed?

Improving your company culture through meaningful engagement, connection, and celebration has tangible benefits:Β 

  • A good company culture can increase revenue by 4x
  • Employee recognition, such as Shoutouts, leads to increased motivation, a sense of pride, and better self-confidence at work
  • Connection increases retention, with workers citing disconnection as the #1 reason they’d leave their role
  • Employee engagement increases productivity in the workplace. Companies with engaged employees are 21% more profitable on average. Disengaged employees cost organizations around $500 billion annually.

Can anyone try Airspeed?

Yes, we recommend trying Airspeed with a team, department, company, or organization. Our apps are quick and easy to install and get started.

Check out our one-pagers or contact usΒ to learn how to get the most value from Airspeed. We would love your feedback.

Is there a free tier of Airspeed? Who can use the free tier?

The free tier of Airspeed is built for small teams (25 users and under) that do not require customization, reporting, or integrations. View our pricing plans here.

How much does Airspeed cost?

Our pricing for the entire suite of apps is equivalent to the price of one similar Slack app.

We have a free tier for teams 25 and under and Slack communities. We have discounts available for non-profits, educational institutions, and large teams. View our pricing plans here.

What should I do if I can't install Airspeed to Slack?

Having trouble installing one of our apps to Slack? Here are the most common fixes:

  • Slack permissions: Check your Slack workspace permissions. For some workspaces, you’ll need to ask the Slack Admin to install.
  • Previous installation: When you go to the Slack app directory and view the app, does it say the app is already installed? Slack’s guidance for this is to uninstall the app in the configuration tab, then reinstall it.

Any other challenges? We’re happy to help. Email us at, or use the chat on our website.

I think Airspeed was accidentally uninstalled, how can I check in Slack?

There are a few ways to check if Airspeed apps are currently installed. First, use the left sidebar of Slack and click on Apps > Manage > Browse Apps. You can search for the apps here, such as Celebrations, to check if they are installed.

If you are a Slack admin, you can view your app activity log. In the top menu of Slack, navigate to Slack > Settings & Administration > Workspace Settings > Configure apps (left sidebar) > Activity Log.

In the activity log, you can see if anyone accidentally uninstalled an app. You can always reinstall an app if needed.

I need more help, how can I contact support?

We’re happy to help! You can use the chat in the lower right corner of our website or email us at

You can find more information on our support response time here.

Are you an existing customer with questions about the apps?

Access the Airspeed Help Center here.