Shoutouts 🏆 Help Center

Questions about the Shoutouts by Airspeed app for Slack? We’ve got advice and answers.

Shoutouts by Airspeed FAQs

What is Shoutouts 🏆 by Airspeed?

Shoutouts 🏆 by Airspeed is a Slack app where you can easily send kudos and recognize teammates. Recognize teammates yourself, or nominate them to leadership for even more recognition. The Shoutouts app helps create a positive culture and improve happiness, retention, and overall performance by focusing on recognition.

How do I install the Shoutouts 🏆 by Airspeed Slack App?

You can install the app from our product page or the Slack App store.

What channel is best to use for Shoutouts? Can I add Shoutouts to multiple channels?

Add it to a team channel where you recognize stellar work. If you don’t have a channel for this yet, we recommend #shoutouts, #kudos, or #recognition. You can add the Shoutouts app to multiple channels.

How do I quickly recognize someone in any channel?

We have 2 easy shortcuts! If you type :trophy: 🏆 and @ mention anyone in a channel, that will be logged as a Shoutout. Or, you can use the command /shoutout.

Can I add Shoutouts by Airspeed to any channel, even if I’m not the app Admin?

Sure! When you create a Shoutout, you’ll select the channel you want to send it in. Or simply add a :trophy: 🏆 emoji and @ mention someone in any channel to add the app there.

How do I view Shoutouts history? Can I use Shoutouts for our annual employee reviews?

To view Shoutouts history, navigate to the Home tab of the Shoutouts app and click on “👀 See all company Shoutouts” at the bottom. You can view all Shoutout history and filter it by person, date, values, and more. Many of our users leverage this for employee reviews or recognition moments, such as a company town hall.

How do I add Shoutouts 🏆 by Airspeed to a private Slack channel?

Once Shoutouts 🏆 by Airspeed is installed in your workspace, simply @ mention Shoutouts in a message in the private channel.

Who is the Shoutouts app Admin and what are their permissions?

The Shoutouts app Admin is the person who installed the app. If you want to change the Admin, send us a message via the support widget (bottom right) or email [email protected]. The Admin can add or edit the company values listed in the “Send Shoutout” modal.