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What is an Airspeed profile?

Your Airspeed profile is a unique page that helps your colleagues get to know you as a person first. Your profile includes both Work and Play sides to showcase your personal and professional identities. 

On the Work side, you can share important details like your professional title, work photo, and work anniversary. On the Play side of your profile, you can highlight who you are outside of work by sharing a fun title (Expert Globetrotter, Football Fanatic, Chief Empanada Officer), a fun photo, and your interests outside of the office. Together, the two sides of your profile allow colleagues to get to know you beyond your LinkedIn profile.

What are the benefits of having an Airspeed profile?

An Airspeed profile allows you to showcase your unique identity so colleagues can get to know you better. When coworkers and colleagues get to know you better, you can build strong connections, discover what you have in common, and feel valued. Airspeed users report:

  • Better, more genuine conversations
  • New work friends and connections
  • More networking and opportunities 
  • Increased sense of inclusion and community 

Fill out your entire profile and keep it updated as you move or have new interests so your colleagues can discover what you have in common.

How do I create an Airspeed profile?

You can create a profile through your web browser or our Airspeed mobile app. 

Web browser: navigate to and sign up with your work email address. Follow the instructions to complete your profile in the onboarding process.

Mobile app: download the Airspeed app in the App Store or Google Play store. Follow the instructions to create an account with your work email address and complete the onboarding process.

What information is displayed on my public profile?

Your public profile shows Work and Play information. It includes your name, work title, work photo, company, fun title, fun photo, interests, birthday, work anniversary, and what city you live in (we do not track your location).

How do I share my Airspeed profile? Where should I share it?

To share your Airspeed profile, you can simply copy your unique link ( and share it with anyone. There are specific sharing instructions in your account here.

The most popular places to share your profile are:

  • Email signature
  • LinkedIn profile or posts
  • Slack profile or messages
  • Calendar invitations 
  • Linktree 
  • Over emails or texts 

How do I edit or update my Airspeed profile?

To edit your Airspeed profile, first log in to your account on a web browser or the Airspeed mobile app. Click on ‘Work’ or ‘Play’ from the toggle depending on what information you want to edit. Then, click the ‘Edit’ button on the top right of your profile. Make any edits or updates and click the ‘Save’ button.