Why companies choose Shoutouts over HeyTaco

Shoutouts is the HeyTaco alternative that enables companies to foster a culture of recognition, appreciation, and motivation within their teams.
An hourglass emoji surrounded by a white circle
Save time by generating a personalized Shoutout message with the AI-powered template.
An emoji featuring a pair of eyes, glancing slightly to the left. The emoji is surrounded by a white circle.
Access your team’s Shoutout history to gather additional recognition data for employee reviews.
Nominate your coworkers to leadership so they can receive extra-special recognition moments.

Shoutouts vs HeyTaco Feature Comparison


Slack integration

Easily send kudos

Share recognition in a Slack channel for the team to see

Tag company values

Simple shoutout template powered by AI

Feel-good Friday reminders

Nominate coworkers to receive kudos from leadership

No limit on daily Shoutouts

Add monthly recognition goals and get reminders

Why top-performing teams choose Shoutouts by Airspeed vs HeyTaco for kudos

Shoutouts is the preferred choice for top-performing teams over HeyTaco because its comprehensive features go beyond simple kudos. While HeyTaco offers basic recognition capabilities, Shoutouts enables companies to cultivate a culture of appreciation and motivation by integrating recognition into daily and weekly workflows.

Shoutouts allows teams to integrate recognition seamlessly into their everyday communication platform, Slack. This integration eliminates the need for employees to navigate multiple platforms, ensuring that recognition becomes a natural part of their workflow. Shoutouts offers flexibility and customization, allowing teams to tailor their recognition programs to align with their unique company values, behaviors, and goals. This level of customization empowers companies to reinforce their desired cultural traits and values, driving employee engagement and boosting morale.

Shoutouts provides rich insights, giving companies the ability to measure the impact of recognition efforts. Teams can view their Shoutout History to identify trends, recognize top performers, and gain valuable insights into employee engagement. By leveraging these insights, companies can make data-driven decisions to further enhance their recognition programs and continuously improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Shoutouts outshines HeyTaco as the preferred choice for top-performing teams seeking a robust and customizable solution to foster a culture of recognition and motivation within their organization. Its seamless integration, flexibility, and analytics capabilities make it the go-to platform for companies striving to create an engaged and appreciative workforce.


Why do teams love using Shoutouts?

Many leading organizations – such as Uber, Rivian, and Adobe – choose Shoutouts for their employee recognition needs. Shoutouts allows teams to seamlessly integrate recognition into their existing Slack communication platform, making it effortless for employees to appreciate and motivate their colleagues. The flexibility and customization options provided by Shoutouts enable teams to align recognition programs with their unique organizational culture and values. With rich insights, teams can also measure the impact of recognition efforts and make data-driven decisions to further enhance employee engagement.

How much does Shoutouts cost?

Shoutouts is part of the suite of Airspeed apps. Our pricing for the entire suite of apps is equivalent to the price of one similar Slack app.

We have discounts available for Slack communities, non-profits, educational institutions, and large teams. View our pricing plans here.