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Slack as a Foundation, HR Integration as the Future

There’s no doubt that a key part of Slack’s success has been its thriving app ecosystem. With over 2,600 apps in the ecosystem (and growing), app developers have been able to expand the functionality of Slack way faster and further than Slack could have ever done on its own. Many of these apps work perfectly out of the box for smaller organizations, but like any enterprise SaaS software, there are often new challenges that arise as they scale to thousands (or tens of thousands) of employees.

Airspeed has always had our sights on serving organizations of any size, so I’m very pleased to announce that today we’re launching integration support for over 50 Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), including popular platforms like ADP, BambooHR, SAP SuccessFactors and Workday.

Save Time with Airspeed’s HR Integration

Airspeed’s HRIS integration means that employees or admins don’t need to update information in any Airspeed apps manually. Just connect your HRIS with a few clicks, and all employee locations (city, state, country) are imported into Airspeed’s Maps app, so you can see where people are based and coordinate local meetups. You can also put birthday and work anniversary cards on autopilot with Airspeed’s Celebrations app, so nothing falls through the cracks, and admins don’t have to hound people for signatures.

Information is only pulled from (not pushed to) HRIS systems. We only pull the information we need for the apps (and show you the fields we pull) and you can disconnect the systems and delete data at any time.

The combination of Airspeed’s broad family of apps to support a robust digital culture – Intros, Celebrations, Icebreakers, Shoutouts, Maps, and Coffee Talk – with enterprise-scale capabilities like HRIS integration, means that Airspeed’s solution is unmatched by anything else on the Slack platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about Airspeed’s HRIS integration and our suite of apps, you can schedule a call here. We’re passionate about helping companies build legendary teams and cultures (and having fun while doing it).

– Doug Camplejohn

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